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a magic: the gathering podcast


Our show's twitter feed is: @HordeCast
The email address for our show is: hosts@hordeofnotions.com
The RSS feed for our podcast is: http://manaechoes.org/category/podcasts/horde-of-notions/feed/

Horde of Notions is brought to you by: Face to Face Games


CHRIS LANSDELL: The brains and the driving force organizing a... well, horde. Chris can be found on twitter as @lansdellicious, on MTGO as CLSmooth. Chris can be emailed at lansdellicious@gmail.com, and his articles can be found on www.manadeprived.com.

ADENA CHERNOSKY: Also known as punk rock shred grrl, Adena originally began her podcast career on Monday Night Magic. If you see her at an event, it's highly likely she'll be in a black shirt now that she's an L2 judge. Occasionally, you might find her logged into MTGO, where her handle is prsgrrl, or on twitter as @prsgrrl. Her email address is prsgrrl@gmail.com and her blog is at prsgrrl.tumblr.com.

WILLIAM BLONDON: Hailing from the Snow-Covered Island that is Montreal, William can be found at any of a number of Montreal’s card stores to keep warm during the cold winter months. William can be contacted at Nodnolb@Gmail.com or on Twitter @Nodnolb.

TRAVIS HALL: A full-time-squirrel-enthusiast, infinite combo fiend, and erstwhile brewer for manadeprived.com. He can be reached on twitter @travishall456, on MTGO as travishall456 or at travishall456@hotmail.com. He occasionally tumbls at http://travishall456.tumblr.com/.

JACK LACROIX (former co-host): Often referred to as "the most hated man in magic", Jack is best known as a host on Monday Night Magic and a walking target for trolls. He can be insulted on twitter as @jacklacroix, and hate mail can be sent to jack@mtgcast.com. Although he hasn't yet joined the MTGO bandwagon, he is often playing online on Cockatrice as jacklacroix. His blog, The Bitter, Better Man, is on tumblr.

NOYAN TOKGOZOGLU (former co-host): A lifetime Magic griefer, Noyan writes for iwantmymtg.com in his column Spreading Cheese. He also writes metal articles and reviews on http://www.heavyblogisheavy.com and has his own metal band The Anachronist. He can be found on twitter @nayon7, on MTGO as nayon777, and on gmail at spreading.cheese@gmail.com.